Can I eat or drink before my Laser Eye Surgery?

preparing for Laser Eye Surgery

If you’ve ever had surgery in the past, it’s likely you’ll be familiar with the period of fasting that comes beforehand.

If your surgery was a morning procedure, then this may have just meant skipping breakfast. But if you had it scheduled for midday or later, this could have meant going more than 12 hours without eating.

Fasting certainly has its uses, but for me, having to do it during the hours leading up to surgery is far from ideal. Comfort food in the form of a nice home-cooked meal and some chocolate, along with a glass of wine or a beer sounds much more appealing.

In most modern surgeries the pre-operative fast is now a lot more relaxed. This is largely thanks to modern anaesthesia techniques which make having food and drink before a procedure much less of an issue. And when it comes to Laser Eye Surgery, things are even more favourable.

There are no restrictions on eating before Laser Eye Surgery. In fact, patients are encouraged to eat before arriving for their procedure.

Even in the moments before your procedure, while you are waiting in the clinic, you may be offered a chocolate biscuit or two. This helps ensure your blood sugar is at a stable level, and that you’re comfortable and relaxed during the surgery.

This doesn’t mean you should worry if nerves prevent you from eating a big hearty meal, but it is recommended you have at least something small in your system before arriving.

Drinking alcohol before Laser Eye Surgery

Many of you’ll be pleased to hear that consuming a small amount of alcohol the night before the surgery is generally not a problem at all.

When I say small amount this could be a glass of wine or a beer—any more is inadvisable as alcohol can dry out your eyes. Of course, it is preferable to refrain and stick to soft drinks, etc. 

Even though it’s recommended to keep your eyes closed a few hours after Laser Eye Surgery, many people still fancy a nice drink to celebrate. We advise you to wait a little longer to allow your eyes to effectively start their recovery process, and return to consuming alcohol the day after the surgery.

A few recommendations to prepare for the day of your Laser Eye Surgery

It’s always good to know what to expect on the day of the procedure.

It cannot only help with making arrangements and organising time off work but can also reduce the fear of the unknown and settle any nerves.

In days leading up to your procedure, you should have a comprehensive talk with your laser eye surgeon about how to best prepare for it, but why not get a head start by reviewing the recommendations below:

  • If you’re travelling, arrange accommodation. Clinics can often help with this.
  • Plan for children or small infants to be looked after while you go to the clinic. Plan to take the day of the surgery and possibly the day after away from work.
  • Remove all eye makeup at least 24 hours before surgery
  • Arrange transport for the journey home from the clinic. Public transport can be tiring. The Clinic will help you arrange any travel arrangements on the day.
  • Don’t wear perfume of cologne or any product that contains alcohol on the day of surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and do not wear material such as wool that could generate lint.
  • Bring you diary to arrange aftercare appointments following the surgery

If you’d like to find out more about preparing for Laser Eye Surgery, or book a consultation at London Vision Clinic, leave us a comment or give us a call us on 020 7224 1005.