Can you fly after Laser Eye Surgery?

If Laser Eye Surgery was known for one thing, it would probably be convenience.

Or quality.

Or efficiency.

Okay, so it’s hard to say just one thing, Laser Eye Surgery being known for everything from safety to comfort. But I say convenience for good reason.

Most of the time someone chooses to have Laser Eye Surgery, it’s because they’re tired of the endless inconveniences of glasses and contact lenses, especially at times like going abroad or on holiday…

Remembering to pack enough pairs of contacts for the trip, losing your glasses or getting them covering in sand while at the beach, doing anything active like hiking, snorkelling, or skiing, and of course suffering through the dry eyes on long, air-conditioned bus journeys or flights.

And when these things start to be a regular occurrence during what should be a relaxing time away, you eventually realise glasses and contacts are simply not worth all the associated aggravation and effort.

It’s a shame, really. If only it was possible to come to the realisation sooner, without losing all those precious work holidays that can never be gotten back and without having to endure all the stress that will cut years off your life.

Well, we can’t turn back time. But it isn’t too late to do something about it today. And if you do, you won’t just be freeing any future down time from the endless frustrations of visual hardware, you’ll be elevating it to be enjoyed at a whole new level of freedom and quality.

And this brings us to flying. The thing is, not only is Laser Eye Surgery convenient when talking about the day-to-day life, it’s also unrivalled in the ease and efficiency of its delivery. The procedure taking no longer than it does to make a cup of tea — with just as little fuss — and the recovery period being so quick it’s often over before patients know it.

In fact, patients regularly arrive for treatment one morning and are back at work the next. With little sign they had surgery other than minor fluctuations as their new vision stabilises and a little bottle of drops to help keep their eyes moist.

Because of this rapid recovery rate, you’re able to fly as soon as the day after Laser Eye Surgery. And not only that, but you can do it without the last minute rush to find your contacts, having to walk blindly through the scanning machine, or sitting with the annoying dry eyes on the plane.

However, it is worth pointing out that as the air in the cabin is very dry, it’s recommended to use lots of lubricated drops to keep your eyes nice and comfortable during the flight. Other than that, you’re pretty much free to get on with relaxing — whether that means taking in the sun, soaking in the sights, or enjoying one of the other numerous benefits your new vision affords.

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