Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Macular Degeneration?

Macular degeneration is a condition which affects the retina, in particular the central retinal area known as the macula. In this area of the retina small deposits are formed within the actual retina and these in turn cause damage to the retinal photoreceptor cells which absorb the light once it has been focused into the eye. Patients who have macular degeneration and who have damage as a result of having macular degeneration can still have Laser Eye Surgery, but we are only able to focus their vision to a point equatable to what their glasses can achieve. We are not able to give them more vision focussing power than their glasses can achieve on their own.

Suitability Explained Further…

Yes, although it depends on the severity of your condition. Laser Eye Surgery does not treat macular degeneration.

Mr Carp explains more about to expect from Laser Eye Surgery one has macular degeneration.

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“It was a collective team effort at the surgery to put you at ease which made the process as easy as possible. Anxiety is normal but when you come out of the operation, you almost feel a bit chuffed, it is so quick and Dr. Reinstein and the nurse so attentive and reassuring. You feel you are being looked after every step of the way.”

– Phuong Chau

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Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Macular Degeneration? [video]

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