Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Prism?

Patients who have strabismus may have a prism inserted into their glasses to help correct eye alignment, along with the refractive error. Laser Eye Surgery is able to deal with the refractive error but cannot affect eye alignment. We are therefore able to help these patient’s refractive error, but they may still require glasses after the surgery in order to correct the prism effect that is not addressed by the Laser Eye Surgery itself. Alternatively these patients may elect to undergo muscle surgery around the eye to correct the strabismus, thereby negating the effect or the need for a prism.

Laser Eye Surgery And Prisms Explained Further…

Yes, although you may still need prism glasses if you have double vision with contact lenses or without the prism in your spectacles.

Mr Carp explains how Laser Eye Surgery is able to deal with refractive error but not the prism effect. He goes onto give options for dealing with this.

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I was very nervous about the treatment and still surprised how ‘pain free’ it was. I describe the results as a ‘miracle’ which has enhanced my life considerably. No more contact lenses and my eyes feel healthier than they ever have.

– Ian Stocker

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Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Prism? [video]

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