Can I see my Laser Eye Surgery being performed?

Eye scan at London Vision Clinic

You’re looking forward to having greater vision following the surgery, but what exactly do you see during the procedure?

This is one of the most common concerns that frequents the mind of those considering Laser Eye Surgery, along with similar queries like ‘Will the treatment hurt?’, and, ‘How long does the procedure take?’

This is perfectly natural — in fact, it’s best practice to find out all the details of the day of the procedure. We also advise doing the same for the days of preparation leading up to Laser Eye Surgery and the aftercare regime that’ll follow your treatment.

As Laser Eye Surgery has advanced so much over recent years, what you’ll discover may be surprising. There’s no pain, the procedure takes as little as 5 minutes per eye to perform, and as a result, there’s not much to see or worry about while the treatment is being performed.

What you will see during Laser Eye Surgery

As you lay peering up from the bed in the treatment room, one of the first things that you’ll experience is the surgeon carefully applying anaesthetic drops in your eyes. You may see the drops for a split second until your vision adjusts.

The surgeon then, while explaining each step in simple, jargon-free language, will continue by putting in place a small instrument called a speculum to support your eyelids and keep them open. This may take a few seconds, and will feel a little strange.

After a few safety checks, a  bright ring of light is brought into the middle of your vision. There is also a green flashing light in the centre of this ring. The green flashing light is your target which helps you to fixate on the right position.

Although there isn’t much to see, that doesn’t mean your eyes will stop moving around. What’s more, even though the procedure is incredibly short, the urge to blink could rise in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to lubricating eye drops, your eyes will be kept moist and therefore you won’t worrying about blinking. And there’s no need to worry about changing your line of sight; eye-tracking technology ensures any eye movement, whether voluntary or involuntary, is monitored. This information is instantaneously fed into the system and the laser is adjusted accordingly.

Some patients may feel a light pressure as the corneal flap is created, but overall the Laser Eye Surgery experience is pain-free and over before you know it. But don’t take my word for it, check out what those who’ve had Laser Eye Surgery have to say.

Almost immediately after the surgery, you’ll be able to see in ultimate clarity; finally being able to watch in HD as the hands of the clock tick round, read a newspaper without having to remember your glasses, and essentially seeing the world as you never have before.

What’s your biggest worry about the Laser Eye Surgery procedure?

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