Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

For many people considering having Laser Eye Surgery, one of the first things they want to know is whether or not Laser Eye Surgery is painful.

Patients feel no pain whatsoever because we use anaesthetics in the form of an eye drop. Essentially, when we put one drop of anaesthetic onto the surface of the eye for the next 20 minutes there will be no pain sensation whatsoever.

The procedure itself is pain-free. With LASIK, you may experience a pressure sensation when the surgeon creates the corneal flap, and some discomfort or irritation for up to 24 hours after surgery. With PRK you may experience irritation for one week or more after surgery. Because discomfort can occur in some patients during the healing phase, we provide pain relief medication in eye drop form to help eliminate this.

Dan Reinstein explains how there is no pain during the Laser Eye Surgery.

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