Can Laser Eye Surgery Give Me ‘Supersight’?

When we think of supersight we tend to imagine ourselves seeing through walls, shooting lasers out of our eyes, and being able to spot objects at ultra-long distances—or at least I do.

But when it comes to Laser Eye Surgery, unfortunately, you won’t find yourself leaving the clinic with any of the above. You will, however, have a new and improved quality of life.

We are going to take a look at the three main ways in which we believe Laser Eye Surgery can give improve your lifestyle.

Immediate Vision Improvement

In as little as 15 minutes after sitting down in the chair, the majority of our patients are already experiencing an improvement in their vision. That improvement, according to several worldwide studies, is considered to be around 20/40 vision for 95% of patients who receive LASIK, and 20/20 or better for 85%. To put that into context, 20/40 vision is the necessary level you need in order to pass your driver’s licence test, while 20/20 vision is the minimum required to become a fighter pilot.

It is important to note however that results do vary according to the clinic, and the type of refractive error.

Take a look at some of London Vision Clinic’s results.

Reduced Chance Of Eye Infections And Diseases

You may not have considered it before, but following Laser Eye Surgery your risk of infection and disease is greatly reduced, due to the simple fact that you don’t need to wear contact lenses.

Contact lenses put the wearer at risk of several conditions and inconveniences including eye infections, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, and eye irritation. As these can quickly develop into something more serious—and even lead to blindness—a high level of care is required when handling and wearing contact lenses.

In actual fact, the risk of infection due to wearing contact lenses far exceeds the risks of having Laser Eye Surgery.

Enhanced Sports Performance And More Social And Recreational Opportunities

You only have to look at Tiger Woods to see just what benefit Laser Eye Surgery can have on sports performance, but look a little further and you will find many other top athletes and amateur sportspeople alike who have all benefited from having their eyes lasered.

Along with improving accuracy and precision in sports which require optimum hand-eye coordination, Laser Eye Surgery can liberate you to take part in activities which were once considered out of bounds. Skiing, diving, and water-sports can be enjoyed to the full, without the worry of losing a contact lens or breaking your frames. Being free from such worries opens the door to endless opportunities for trying new sports, exploring new places, and overall enriching your social life.

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