The High Definition Wow Factor

Recently I had the pleasure of watching my favourite programmes on a brand new, top of the range, 42” television. As soon as the high definition feature was turned on everyone on the sofa made a collective gasp. The picture was truly amazing. We could see even the tiniest wrinkle and freckle on the presenter´s face, each blade of grass on the football pitch and – while channel hopping to a nature programme -through the ripples of water to what lay beneath them in a crystal clear stream.

Then there was the added dimension of 3D to be enjoyed through the special glasses – what fun! It was all a tremendously thrilling experience which would certainly spoil us for any normal television viewing in the future.

Laser Eye Surgery can give you high definition on and off the television set

But how could this be? Only a few hours earlier we had all been perfectly contented with the old television set which, as well as being a couple of inches smaller, now appeared positively archaic not only in style but – much more importantly – in its picture quality. It was positively blurred in comparison – as if we were seeing the screen through a thick layer of dust.

It brought home to me the vital importance of the sense of perfect sight and how much additional joy it can bring to our lives.

All three London Vision Clinic surgeons tell me that they never get tired of hearing a patient’s excitement and happiness following surgery when he or she realises that they can see properly for the first time in years.

Everyone has their own “wow factor” experience – from the blended vision Dad’s joy at being able to take his daughters swimming without worrying about contact lenses to Phillip Schofield seeing the leaves on the tree outside his bedroom window as he woke up (without first having to reach for his specs).

Five years after my own blended vision procedure, I still enjoy reading menus in restaurants, shampoo bottles in the shower and price tags in shops; while at the same time feeling rather sorry for friends of my age who are still struggling with their reading glasses. Far from taking my glasses-free life for granted, I am now happy to add “watching luxurious high definition and 3D television” to the list of pleasures this operation has given me.