Laser Eye Surgery Results: Beyond The Numbers

In recent years, the choice of binning the specs seems a far more attractive notion, with the increase of successful statistical results reported and development of the laser technology, it is not surprising that thousands of people in the UK choose laser eye surgery year after year.

Although these numbers are convincing, thousands of people choose to have laser eye surgery for benefits that have little to do with laser eye surgery statistics.

The Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery Include:

Immediate Vision Improvement

The results are immediately noticeable. As the patient comes out of the very short laser eye surgery, the improvement in vision is almost instant. “I can see the hands of the clock from here!” says Lucy a LASIK patient at London Vision Clinic.

Freedom From Costly Eyewear

The cost of glasses and contact lenses and associated accessories sure do build up, especially when you calculate the accumulative costs over the years.

The costs can include things like: frames, eye tests, owning different glasses for different purposes (work, home, driving), the need for prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, solution, cases. It all builds up. On average a person spends over £10-£20,000 on eyewear (contacts / glasses) over 20 years compared to the cost of laser eye surgery approximately £5,000, the rewards including costs saving are far greater.

Reduce Chances Of Eye Infections And Diseases From Lenses

Wearing contact lenses puts you at risk of several serious conditions including eye infections and corneal ulcers. These conditions can develop quickly and can be very serious and in rare cases can cause blindness. Other risks of contact lenses include conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, eye-irritation. An enormous amount of care is required when wearing contact lenses to reduce risk of these conditions; even then you are not free from these risks.  The risks of infection as a result of wearing contact lenses exceed the risks of laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery keeps these serious hazards away.

Ability To Broaden Social And Recreational Opportunities, Such As Skiing Or Diving

Many patients are able to take part in more recreational opportunities and increase and broaden their social position and satisfaction. Sports like skiing and diving, tougher or impossible with glasses / contact lenses now is enjoyed by many who have undergone the laser eye surgery. Being free from glasses or contact lenses and not having to worry about eye-sight increases the options of social activities one wishes to undertake.

Better Performance In Sport

Watersports can be enjoyed as a result of laser eye surgery

A variety of sports such as water sports like diving, swimming and contact sports like football, basketball and boxing have all shown significant better performance after Laser Eye Surgery. Major sports players like Tiger Woods have taken this option and found better results in their performance.

Sports are enjoyed far greater and eliminate associated risks such as with water sports and contact lenses.

“Before I had my surgery I used goggles with special lenses for swimming and I also had lenses fitted to my mask for scuba diving.”

“It was also difficult to see properly when walking across the beach before scuba diving… it would have looked odd to have worn the mask!”

Better Appearance And Increased Self Confidence

Laser Eye Surgery certainly changes the look of people, transforming lives by changing their appearance. “I finally feel confident after shedding my glasses” Sarah, a patient at London Vision Clinic. She always felt self-conscious of her appearance by wearing glasses from a young age. The psychological benefits are huge.

Overall Greater Convenience

Many people with glasses feel they have an ever-inconvenient lifestyle. A problem of forgetting glasses or the need for having different glasses for different places such as work, home or driving makes it a costly or inconvenient task. The convenience of Laser Eye Surgery means putting on make up or shaving is a far easier task than wearing glasses.

If you are considering ditching your glasses or contact lenses and are drawn to the benefits of Laser Eye Surgery, contact London Vision Clinic for an Initial Screening. You may also read more about the benefits by reading our patient testimonials.

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