Say Goodbye to Life with Contact Lenses

When contact lenses were popularised in the 1950s and 60s, they were seen as a more convenient and discrete alternative to glasses. And that’s true – many people consider contacts a blessing when compared to the more obvious glasses frames.

There are no frames or arms to snap, no nose pieces to lose, and no external lenses that can become scratched. But despite their less conspicuous nature, contact lenses are not without their problems. In fact, contact lenses can sometimes be even more frustrating than specs. It will come as no surprise that – alongside glasses – getting rid of contact lenses is one of the biggest drivers behind having Laser Eye Surgery.

The trouble with contact lenses

Contact lenses can be uncomfortable to wear and require a strict regime – particularly if you wear monthly reusable lenses.

Regularly removing your contact lenses, keeping them clean, as well as remembering your case and cleansing solution when staying away from home, can all add up to to one big headache. Most, if not all, contact lens wearers have experienced being on their hands and knees, searching for that elusive dropped lens. Loss is perhaps the most common complaint when it comes to contact lenses, but they can also pose more significant issues, too.

Most people who wear contacts have had one of those nights where they forget to take them out to wake up with itchy and irritated eyes. As well as being incredibly annoying, this can even pose a risk of infection and other complications. These issues can be particularly troublesome in the spring and summer months. Whether you suffer from hay fever or enjoy water sports (or even a dip in the sea, for that matter), contact lenses can be a real constraint.

The bottom line is, contact lenses are far from an ideal solution to refractive errors such as myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), and astigmatism. Thankfully, there is a better option.

Laser Eye Surgery for your vision woes

Laser Eye Surgery has become an increasingly popular option for vision correction – and it’s easy to see why. After a simple, low-risk procedure and a surprisingly short recovery process, most patients will notice an immediate improvement in their vision – without the need for glasses or contact lenses!

While it may seem like an expensive solution, many patients are surprised to discover just how affordable the procedure can be. This is especially true when finance options are available to spread the cost of your treatment. Furthermore, when looked at over the long term, Laser Eye Surgery might just be better value than those pesky contact lenses.

So, if you’ve been looking for an alternative to contact lenses but don’t fancy the cage of wearing glasses, you’ve found the perfect place. Some of our past patients certainly did:


“Not having to worry about glasses / contact lenses every day has been an absolute dream. Can’t recommend LVC enough!!”

– Serena (2023)

“I’ve gone from very poor vision and wearing contact lenses daily to better than 20/20 vision… My only regret is that I didn’t have the procedure sooner!”

– Katie (2022)

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Laser Eye Treatment Fees start from £5,900 for both eyes. Very complex treatments may cost more.

Interest-FREE finance available over THREE years, from £82 per month for both eyes, makes the best more flexible. Find out more.