Could My Vision Actually Get Worse After Laser Eye Surgery?

Amongst the top concerns for potential Laser Eye Surgery patients is the possibility that their vision could actually get worse. While any surgery carries risks, it is important to consider these risks realistically. The chance of your vision actually getting worse because of Laser Eye Surgery is extremely low.

Going to a credible clinic where your surgeon can help you to carefully weigh up and consider your personal risk for complications further reduces these risks. Risks and possible side effects include over or under corrected vision, dry eyes, and visual aberrations such as corneal haze, night vision problems, or double vision.

It is also possible that you may still require glasses or contacts after surgery, or that your results may not be permanent.

Regardless of these potential risks, it is important to continue to put these possibilities into perspective. Since the first Laser Eye Surgery procedure was performed over 20 years ago, it has continued to be developed and perfected by numerous surgeons.

The technology has also drastically improved to incorporate increased safety measures. Today, corrective eye surgery is widely considered to be both very safe and highly effective.

On average, across all clinics in the UK, one out of every 1000 patients experiences some form of complication. However, this number does vary between clinics and is further increased or reduced by the credibility, training, and experience of your surgeon.

It is also important to realise that a credible surgeon can fix the vast majority of complications.

There are certain medical conditions that could put your vision at higher risk. However, the only way to determine your individual risk is through an initial consultation at which point one of our trained and qualified optometrists will assess your individual risks and offer you an extensive explanation.

If this article did not address your biggest concern about Laser Eye Surgery, then we encourage you to follow along on our blog as we continue to address more of the top ten most common fears and concerns for potential Laser Eye Surgery candidates.