Can My Vision Get Worse Again? Regression After Laser Eye Surgery

Deciding to go ahead with Laser Eye Surgery can be one of the best decisions you make in your whole life – but there’s no denying it can also be one of the scariest. You may find yourself asking, “Is the procedure safe?”, “What if something goes wrong?”, or “Can my vision get worse after the Laser Eye Surgery?”. And don’t worry – these questions are all valid.

In fact, at London Vision Clinic, we’re used to answering all manner of questions regarding Laser Eye Surgery. What’s more, we consistently update and replenish our blog to provide as many answers as possible. And, thankfully, in the vast majority of cases, we can provide positive and reassuring answers.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the potential for regression after your treatment. More specifically: Can your vision get worse again after Laser Eye Surgery?

Your Vision After Laser Eye Surgery

If all goes well, you will likely notice an immediate improvement in your vision as soon as your surgery is complete. You may be able to read the numbers on a clock when before it was a blur. You might be able to read the exit signs without your glasses for the first time since you can remember.

And even better? Your vision will continue to improve over the coming weeks as your eyes fully heal. During this time, you may experience some fluctuations and blurriness. Some people will also notice some glare (halos and starbursts), particularly around light sources at night; however, these side effects are usually nothing to worry about and are, in fact, a completely normal part of the eye’s healing process.

But what about later on? Can your vision begin to deteriorate again?

How long will the results of Laser Eye Surgery last?

The changes made to your eyes during Laser Eye Surgery are permanent. The procedure involves removing a pre-determined area of tissue to change the shape of the cornea. This effectively changes how light is reflected into the eye, providing clear vision!

In the vast majority of patients, our extensive pre-surgery screening and testing, alongside the experience and expertise of our surgeons, allow us to deliver high-quality treatment with the best possible outcomes and no complications. However, in some cases, some patients may not reach the outcomes we were expecting the first time around; but don’t worry – this is usually easily corrected with a simple enhancement procedure – free of charge, of course!

In even rare circumstances, it is possible to experience some regression in your visual acuity. The good news is, this can largely be avoided by following the advice provided by your clinic. This will include: avoiding screens (such as phones, computers and TVs) in the first 24 hours; keeping your eyes protected from dust, water, and other debris which can cause infection; resisting the urge to rub your eyes; and following your eye drop routine (eye drops will be provided to help with dryness and discomfort).

Aftercare at London Vision Clinic

Regression and other complications are more likely to occur when these aftercare guidelines are not properly followed. You will also attend several post-surgery follow-up appointments to ensure your recovery is going as smoothly as possible. These appointments are the perfect opportunity to raise any concerns you may have; however, for more urgent problems, you can contact the clinic at any time – you will even be given your surgeon’s mobile number!

London Vision Clinic is well-praised by our patients for our results and our aftercare programme. We are dedicated to providing the very best care, from the start to the finish of your Laser Eye Surgery journey. For this reason, most patients don’t have to worry about their vision worsening after their treatment – although we can’t stop the effects of ageing!

If you have any further questions about what to expect after Laser Eye Surgery, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators or Book a Consultation today.