Does Your Surgeon Have a Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery?

We’ve talked a lot about the lack of regulation in the Laser Eye Surgery industry and how to choose a good clinic or surgeon. But don’t you wish there was one quick and simple way to instantly draw a line between which clinics to avoid, and which clinics to go for?

You’re in luck.

The Royal College Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery

The Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery is an accreditation achieved through completing a rigorous examination process, and maintained only through yearly appraisals and continuing development.

Based on the curriculum for Laser Refractive Surgery, the certificate was developed by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 2007, and has since been attained by over 70 practising surgeons.

Through the specific training—applicable only to those performing refractive procedures by laser—surgeons are assessed for their competence and ability in not only conducting the procedure but effectively managing the whole process.

From the initial consultation where a patient is evaluated and a personalised treatment plan drawn up, to the post-op recovery and aftercare stages, a surgeon with a Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery is fully equipped and accountable to ensure they only maintain and improve standards.

There are some companies who run training schemes in Laser Eye Surgery, but the certificate by the Royal College remains the only independent specialist qualification a surgeon can acquire—and for that matter, the most prestigious one.

The Royal College is the professional body for Ophthalmologists and the only organisation that represents the speciality as a whole. The body strives for excellence in Ophthalmology—most notably through advocating the advancement of safety and performance, lobbying for stricter regulations, and striving for optimal care for patients.

It is unsurprising then to see they have developed such a stringent examination process and recommend that anyone thinking about having Laser Eye Surgery should make sure their surgeon holds a Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery.

But not just anyone can enrol for the exam. To attain a certificate, certain prerequisites need to be met and commitments made. This ensures every surgeon that comes out of The Royal College holding the certificate has:

  • Medical qualifications
  • Specialist ophthalmic qualifications (conducted by the Royal College)
  • Training or experience in ophthalmology
  • Training or experience in refractive surgery
  • Appraisal documentation
  • Validated audits in refractive surgery
  • Membership of relevant societies
  • Evidence of continuous professional development
  • Evidence of platform specific training

As you can see the Royal College do not take refractive surgery lightly. They understand what makes a good Laser Eye Surgeon, and won’t put their name to anyone they see unfit. It goes without saying that all our surgeons here at London Vision Clinic hold a Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery from The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, among an impressive range of other qualifications.

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