Get Fantastic Results At London Vision Clinic

Over the last six months, we conducted a survey of people calling London Vision Clinic. We asked them what their most important factors were when considering a clinic for corrective eye surgery. Their top six reasons were recommendation (19%), results (18%), surgeon and staff (17%), cost (4%), technology used (4%), and post-operative care (3%). In order to address any questions that you may have specifically pertaining to London Vision Clinic and these topics, we are going to be posting 6 blogs addressing these 6 themes for your peace of mind and convenience. Eighteen percent of people that called the clinic said that the result of surgery was the most important factor to them. At London Vision Clinic, we pride ourselves on our experienced top tier surgeons who are renowned for their excellence in delivering positive results.

Dan’s vision was -6 in both eyes. Needless to say he was fed up with dealing with the hassle of contacts and glasses, and wasn’t too keen on the idea of still needing them post-surgery. He wanted at least 20/20 vision, and wasn’t prepared to settle for anything less. In his research, he found that London Vision Clinic was the only clinic with consistent, reliable results. Experience and quality care with only the best results were what mattered to him. Post-surgery, Dan now enjoys 20/12 vision, better than 20/20! Dan recommends the surgery to all of his friends, saying that he wouldn’t trust anyone else to deliver such tremendous results.

Lis is one of those people who hates surgery. Just the prospect of London Vision Clinic telling her she was eligible made her uneasy. Her surgeon, Glenn Carp, went to extreme efforts to reassure her that she had nothing to worry about and was in safe hands. Two years later, she is still in awe of the results every morning when she wakes up. Lis says, “It may have taken me 2 weeks to pluck up the courage, but it was and still is the best phone call I have ever made.”

Both Lorna and her partner have had their corrective eye surgery at London Vision Clinic. Lorna was impressed with how two patients with two completely different visual impairments could end up with the same excellent results. The extensive testing and the superior attention from London Vision Clinic’s put her at ease before her surgery. Her whole life was transformed post-procedure. She is now more confident, and does not feel constricted in making plans.

We understand that investing in your eyes is a huge commitment and want you to know that at London Vision Clinic, you are not trusting just anyone. We strive to provide every patient with the best results possible for their unique needs.