If Another Clinic Finds Me Unsuitable, Why Should I Come To London Vision Clinic For Another Screening?

Mr Glenn Carp – “All clinics are able to provide treatment according to their own internal restrictions and the irrestrictions may be on terms of their surgeon’s experience but probably more importantly down to the restrictions on their equipment that they use.  At the London Vision Clinic we enjoy not only great surgical expertise but more importantly the latest, latest technology.  We have worked very closely with Zeiss over the years to develop profiles to correct visual irregularity, which most clinics sometimes are not able to do by virtue of having technology that is slightly older than what we have.”

Suitability Explained Further…

Surgeons have different criteria for accepting or rejecting patients. This may seem strange, but there are good reasons. Every surgeon has different expertise, experience, and technology. These factors have a direct impact on the kind of patients the surgeon is able to treat. Many clinics may boast that they reject up to 25% of people at initial screenings. This is not a sign of quality. In fact, surgeons need to reject only about 10 per cent of the general population. If a surgeon turns away more patients, it may indicate a lack of experience or expertise or limited access to the latest technology. If a clinic disqualifies you, you should seek a second opinion.

In late February I saw an article in the Daily Mail re: laser treatment for the older person. I immediately rang and my call was answered by a gentleman – very calm and reassuring – who took my details and my lens prescription, and set up an appointment for me in London. I was so happy because another laser clinic had told me my prescription was impossible to correct. – Janet B. from Sevenoaks, Kent

Many patients, who were not found suitable elsewhere, are surprised to find that they were found suitable at London Vision Clinic. The reasons for this are similar to the reasons we give when answering why London Vision Clinic can treat higher prescriptions than the norm.

Mr Glenn Carp explains why you should come to the London Vision Clinic even if another clinic finds you unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery.

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Once you visit the clinic and speak to everyone involved, your initial fear will disappear. Any questions you have are answered, any information you need is supplied, there is no pressure and everyone has time for you.– Pamela A., WP Consultant from Sutton, Surre

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