LASEK /PRK And LASIK Eye Treatments

Surgeon Glenn Carp explains the two main Laser Eye Surgery areas, PRK / LASEK and LASIK. Both treatments are available at the London Vision Clinic and can treat different eye conditions in this video:

PRK / LASEK Eye Surgery

The fundamental principles in Laser Eye Surgery govern two main areas- there are two types of treatments in broad terms that are available.The first type of treatment is a surface treatment, it’s called PRK (LASEK), and basically what we’re doing there is we’re focusing the laser to the surface of the eye. There’s a layer on the surface of the eye called the epithelium and that layer is constantly changing every seven to fourteen days.

So if we were to re-shape the eye on that layer well the effects would simply last seven to fourteen days. So by gently removing that layer we can refocus and reshape the more permanent layer underneath that allowing the surface layer to re-grow over that layer and then hence we make the changes. So in PRK (LASEK) treatment while the effects may not be dramatic in the first day or two certainly after the first week or two and by the first month the vision returns to where it should be and patients get the true benefits.

LASIK Eye Surgery

The other alternative treatment, which is someway a lot more popular nowadays, is the lasik procedure. In a lasik procedure we are creating a thin, little flap in the surface of the cornea which already is into the permanent layer. We can lift the flap, do our little bit of shaping with the laser … looking straight that’s it … return the flap to its original position and it only has to heal around the edges in terms of the surface so the visual recovery is … well pretty much by that evening. So lasik has taken off in a little bit more favour over PRK (LASEK) only because of the quicker recovery period of the actually visual acuity. However, both types of treatment will give the same results at about three months.

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Mr Carp On The Right Laser Eye Surgery Technique For You

… many questions are always asked as to, when would you choose to use each different type of technique? Well once again it comes down to the individual. Certain patients, we know from past experience, will do much better in certain types of treatment and certainly here at the London Vision Clinic we’re always aiming to get everybody to their best possible outcome.