What Keeps The Corneal Flap In Position After LASIK Surgery?

Straight after the Laser Eye Surgery the flap is returned to its original position and it is held in place by an osmotic gradient force. In theory, the flap can still be adjusted using a soft micro-sponge to correct for any small positioning errors, but even straight after surgery it is hard to move the flap. After surgery, the flap will be securely in place. After a week, patients will have a hard time dislodging the the flap even if they rub their eyes excessively. However, as a precaution we ask patients to be very wary of rubbing their eyes and provide them with eye shields for period of one week to protect them while they are sleeping at night.

You will be relieved to know you will not need any stitches. Initially, a vacuum effect keeps the corneal flap in position. The cells lining the inner surface of your cornea, known as endothelial cells, pump water out to the inner part of the eye. This suction holds the corneal flap in place. During the first day or two after surgery, the outer surface of the cornea, known as the epithelium, seals the edges of the corneal flap. Over the next few weeks, natural substances inside your cornea bond the corneal flap to the underlying tissue.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about what keeps the corneal flap in position securely and provides advice for patients after the Laser Eye Surgery.

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I was extremely short sighted and had spent my life struggling but coping pretty well. I was nervous about the procedure but it was not as bad as I had anticipated. Believe me, it is probably one of the best things I have ever done.
Minus 12 – 20-20!– Lindsay Shepherd

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What Keeps The Corneal Flap In Position After LASIK Surgery? [video]

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