How Does Laser Eye Surgery Help Myopia?

If you are one of the unlucky ones who live with Myopia – more commonly known as short-sightedness – you have probably grown used to the world around you appearing blurry every now and then. You probably feel pretty unlucky in your vision, but the truth is, you are actually in luck.

No, not because you struggle to see things at a distance, but because you are in good company. Myopia is estimated to affect around a third of adults in Europe and the United States. The upside of this? There is a vast amount of research and correction options at your fingertips.

Commonly known as near-sightedness or short-sightedness, there are three main ‘treatments’ for Myopia, the most common being glasses and contact lenses. However, these are simply vision aids and do not treat the source of the error.

The only option that actually treats the cause of Myopia is Laser Eye Surgery.

While many people are born with Myopia, there has been a recent rise in the number of people who have developed the error. This rise has been attributed to lifestyle changes associated with modern life, such as spending more time indoors and carrying out more eye-intensive tasks.

It seems that focusing on your tiny phone screen, working at a computer, and even reading and writing can put us at an increased risk of worsening or even developing Myopia.

Luckily, as the prevalence of short-sightedness rises, Laser Eye Surgery has become more accessible. So, how can Laser Eye Surgery get rid of your Myopia for good?

Made For Each Other: Laser Eye Surgery & Myopia

In the above video, expert Laser Eye surgeon, Mr Glenn Carp explains how Laser Eye Surgery corrects myopia or short-sightedness.

Laser Eye Surgery was quite literally made for Myopia. That is, the first iterations of the treatment were designed specifically with short-sightedness in mind. The simple aim was to free those suffering from the condition from blurry vision – as well as the woes of contact lenses and glasses.

The beauty of Laser Eye Surgery is that it usually completely removes the need for glasses and contact lenses. Anyone who has to wear glasses or contacts for Myopia will understand the importance of this – particularly those who enjoy sports or an active life. And let’s not forget the simple joy of being able to travel without glasses – oh, and easily recognise faces!

How Does it Work?

In the video above, Dr Glenn Carp explains how Myopia occurs when the focal point of the eye is not focused on the retina, but before it. It is this shortfall that results in blurry vision. To fix this, Laser Eye Surgeons reshape the cornea to adjust the way light shines into the eye.

Laser Eye Surgery allows us to easily flatten the central portion of the cornea, allowing the focal point to shift backwards, onto the retina. This simple procedure allows light to be focused more effectively, leaving you with crisp and clear vision – all without the need for glasses of contacts.

The best thing about Laser Eye Surgery? Once the procedure is over, your new and improved vision is yours forever. The changes made during your procedure are permanent and, aside from the effects of natural ageing, your Myopia is gone for good. This means that the sooner you have it, the longer you will be reaping the benefits. So, what are you waiting for?

To find out more about Laser Eye Surgery for Myopia or short-sightedness, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators today. Alternatively, Book your Consultation today to start learning about your options.