No Glasses Or Contacts In Sight

Apart from the odd delivery person, pre-op patients and those there to discover more about Laser Eye Surgery, 138 Harley Street is a glasses-free zone.

Usually, the only glasses you will find at the London Vision Clinic are those that have been discarded in the jar in reception (awaiting transport to their African charity destination) and some rather stylish sunglasses on sunny days as well as those being worn as protection after surgery.

No one on the London Vision Clinic team wears specs or contact lenses.

This is not to say that every member of staff has always been blessed with 20/20 vision … on the contrary, many had – in the past – extremely poor eyesight which is possibly a reason for their chosen profession.

To name a few, Optometrists Emma Brandon and Desiree Todd, senior nurse Zuzana, Research Manager Tim Archer, and, Bhadra, in Patient Services, are among some of the staff members who have all had their sight problems corrected. Even surgeon Mr. Glenn Carp knows what it feels like to be a “patient” at the London Vision Clinic (ref blog post: “Seeing things from both sides of the operating table”).

So, returning to the previously mentioned “Sample of One” theory:  imagine how much more relevant are the Laser Eye Surgery experiences of a close family member than even the most approachable of celebrities.

It is then hardly surprising that the London Vision Clinic’s family of patients – which, by my count, currently stands at twenty-four – is growing fast.