Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair Before Or After Having Laser Eye Surgery?

It is perfectly safe to dye your hair around your surgery date. You can dye your hair any time up until the day before surgery and any time after one week post your surgery.

Further Information:

We advise that you avoid some cosmetics such as eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara up to one week after surgery. Other makeup that is not applied in or around the eyes (e.g. lipstick) can be used safely one or two days after treatment. You should always keep your eyes well lubricated with medicated drops provided by us after having Laser Eye Surgery.

London Vision Clinic’s Lead Optometrist Alexandra Lyons talks about safety precautions if you want to dye your hair before or after their Laser Eye Surgery.

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Before Or After Laser Eye Surgery Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair?