Is it Safe to Dye Your Hair Before or After Having Laser Eye Surgery?

There are certain things you just shouldn’t do immediately before or after having Laser Eye Surgery.

Down a fishbowl Martini.

Go wild with paint at the Holi festival or take your chances at Pamplona’s running of the bulls.

Give birth.

The reason why such things are to be avoided can seem pretty obvious.

For instance, of course you don’t want to go into labour whilst at the clinic and you’re about to have your second eye lasered.

But when you look beyond what’s apparent on the surface, there’s actually a lot more going on.

Whilst pregnant, your body is dealing with often turbulent hormonal fluctuations and changes in fluid pressure in the eye. This means it’s not uncommon for your vision and prescription to fluctuate, and for your eyes to become dry, swollen, and more sensitive to light (don’t worry, it doesn’t happen to everyone).

The same is true for our fishbowl Martini. You don’t want to gross the surgeon out with your breath and embarrass yourself by lying upside down in the treatment chair. But alcohol also has many short term vision-altering effects, and excessive long or short term use can even, due to affecting the optic nerve, lead to a type of permanent loss of vision known as toxic amblyopia.

With inextricable links between our health, behaviour, and our eyes, it’s worth being overly cautious when doing any particular activity before or after Laser Eye Surgery.

This may naturally lead you to question if dying your hair around your surgery date is something that’s safe and completely acceptable or dangerous and an absolute no no.

Dying your hair and Laser Eye Surgery

You’ll no doubt be glad to hear that it is perfectly safe to dye your hair around your surgery date. However, this doesn’t mean immediately after your treatment you should rush home to touch up your roots.

Although you can dye your hair any time up until the day before treatment, following Laser Eye Surgery it’s advised to wait at least one week before dying your hair.

The exact time may depend on your prescription, treatment choice, and the type of clinic you choose, but one week is the general rule of thumb.

As well as dying your hair, there are a few other precautions that it’s good to be aware of before you dive in and book your consultation.

It’s also advised to avoid some cosmetics such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara on the day of your treatment and again up to one week after it. Other general makeup that is not applied in or around the eyes (e.g. lipstick), can be used safely one or two days after treatment. Again, though, you will have to refrain from using it on the day of the treatment (thankfully you can take a day or two off work to recover).

If you have any other questions or concerns about what you can and can’t do before and after Laser Eye Surgery, drop us a comment or get in touch with our friendly and knowledgable team of clinic coordinators.