When can I wear makeup after Laser Eye Surgery?

After Laser Eye Surgery, many people get a shock when looking in the mirror for the first time with their new and greater level of visual clarity.

The shock usually comes along with something similar to the following:

“Oh wow I look great without glasses”

“AH! I can see and I haven’t put my contact lenses in yet!”

Yet unfortunately for many of us it’s more like:

“WOW I didn’t realise how many wrinkles I have!”

If you’re like me and part of the later group of responses, you’ll be raring to find out how long it will be until you can once again wear makeup after having Laser Eye Surgery.

In the short video below, expert laser eye surgeon Mr Glenn Carp offers advice on wearing makeup and stresses the importance of avoiding the big three—eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara.

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Mr Glenn Carp answers the question: When can I wear make-up after Laser Eye Surgery?

As Mr Glenn Carp explains in the video above, it is best practice to abstain from wearing eye makeup for a period of one week after surgery.

However, normal face make-up, for example lipstick, is fine to use just a day or two after the treatment. It’s only really the makeup that is applied in and around the eyes that needs to be avoided like the plague for at least the first 7 days.

During this time it’s most important to avoid wearing the following cosmetics: eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. This is mainly to avoid any unwanted fibres or liquids to enter the eye, cause irritation, and affect the eye’s recovery process.

What’s more, when you return to wearing eye makeup after the one week period, you must be careful not to rub your eyes when removing it to again avoid any further chance of irritation.

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“The whole process is unbelievable. To be able to see perfectly after wearing glasses since childhood is a wonderful feeling. I’m still finding things now that surprise me and remind me how difficult glasses can be.” —Eleanor Cairns.

When Can I Wear Makeup After Laser Eye Surgery? [video]

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