Laser Eye Surgery – A Magical Experience

Many of London Vision Clinic’s patients tell us that their Laser Eye Surgery was “like magic”: quick, easy and painless.

Not only the process of Laser Eye Surgery itself, but also the surgery results, are often described as “magical” by our patients. They cannot believe how they can get up in the morning and see perfectly without having to think about their glasses or contact lenses. It may sound simple, but the fact that Laser Eye Surgery can actually improve a person’s quality of life so tremendously does truly feel like magic to those who have experienced it.

Magic Or Science?


With extremely advanced technology and a highly skilled surgeon, there is, in fact, no magic needed to create a very pleasant and successful Laser Eye Surgery experience for our patients.

At the London Vision Clinic, we are able to treat each eye within minutes. The procedure is completed in such a short timeframe that many of our patients feel like they have not undergone a surgical procedure at all. The procedure is also pain-free so, for many people, Laser Eye Surgery is a more pleasant experience than visiting the dentist.

Due to our excellent treatment methods, the chances of a minor visual complication developing is extremely low – and even these minor complications can very frequently be treated with a second correctional Laser Eye Surgery. Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic is as close to risk-free as you could hope for.

Additionally, there is no upper age limit for Laser Eye Surgery so you can be on your way to better sight no matter what your age – provided you are over 18 and have been found suitable at your initial assessment.

No Magic Needed!

Even if you have been turned down by other clinics, and have lost your faith in the idea of Laser Eye Surgery, your chances of being suitable for surgery at London Vision Clinic are very high. In fact, we are able to treat 98% of people who come to us – even those with very high prescriptions. We do not have to rely on magic in order to be able to treat prescriptions that other clinics turn down – the combination of our excellent staff and technical equipment make it possible.

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