Laser Eye Surgery Testimonials For Dan Reinstein

London Vision Clinic’s Professor Dan Reinstein is a world-renowned laser eye surgeon, successfully treating hundreds of patients every year at our Harley Street clinic.

Here is a small selection of feedback from recent Laser Eye Surgery patients:

Paul – Nov-14 “Although I felt I could see quite well with contact lenses + reading glasses, once the first week was over I couldn’t believe how good my eyes were becoming, and only then realised how poor my vision actually was prior to the Laser Eye Surgery procedure.”

Nicola – Oct-14 “It was straightforward and took a very short time to complete the process. I enjoy swimming now I can see my children in the pool.”

John – Sep-14 “Very pleased with the results. Blended vision takes away the hassle of glasses.”

Jeremy – Sep-14 “All the limitations of glasses and contact lenses are gone. Recovery was free of discomfort.”

Naveena – Sep-14 “I was never happy in glasses and practically lived in C/Ls and w/ a prescription of -7.00 / -7.50 I couldn’t see further than 6 from my nose. 12 hrs after surgery my vision was clear! For those who know me, will know how much this has meant to me and how life changing it’s been. Thank you to LoVC for making my treatment as comfortable as possible. A special thank you to Dr Reinstein who has given me the ability to see the world for the first time…”

Julia – Sep-14 “After my Laser Eye Surgery life with my 15 month old son was so much easier as he couldn’t grab my glasses and run away with them – chasing a toddler without my glasses was no fun! Thank you very much for improving my life, it is better than I anticipated!”

Carolyn – Aug-14 “I experienced no pain at all. Slightly dry eyes for a week but no discomfort. My eyesight feels better than ever. I felt that I was going to the best possible place to have my surgery.”

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