Laser Eye Surgery – The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

Have you ever noticed that we all have a different attitude towards praise and criticism?

Although our standards and expectations might be pretty similar, somehow the way that we react to bad service, for instance, can vary considerably.

It always amazes me how a group of friends who share a culinary nightmare might mumble among themselves about the inedible meal and insolent staff; but won’t question the bill when it eventually arrives and will even contribute generously to a hefty tip and the end of the evening. They might decide never to visit the restaurant again, but are not prepared to complain, or willing to make a fuss. Many won’t even tell the restaurateur why they won’t be coming back.

London Vision Clinic patient Ofra, from North London, is not that type of person.

Ofra is an Iyenger yoga teacher

“I set a high standard in everything that I do, and I expect the same from other people – I am not an easy customer”, she told me four months after her blended vision surgery.

So when Ofra gives a compliment it is high praise indeed… which begs the question: how was her Laser Eye Surgery experience at 138 Harley Street?

“It was really fantastic – everyone did an excellent job – from the preparation right through to the follow-up appointments.  And, as for Glenn (Mr. Glenn Carp her surgeon)… well, he deserves a medal – he was amazing!”

Ofra had suffered with sight problems almost all her life getting her first pair of glasses at the age of just two and a half. Ten years ago she began using contact lenses and reading glasses; but recently – due to suffering from very dry eyes – she had been struggling with the lenses. For Ofra, a keen and accomplished Iyenger yoga teacher, this was an added inconvenience.

“You cannot do your yoga practice in glasses; but my eyes were becoming increasingly painful and uncomfortable with the lenses”, she explained.

Central heating and air conditioning exacerbated the situation and by last winter Ofra found her situation had become unbearable.

“I was aware of my eyes every waking moment – even though I would take out my lenses whenever I could my eyes were constantly uncomfortable and looked red and sore.

Ofra, whose work and family life requires frequent flights and lots of travelling, was also having to take increasing amounts of “sight-related” paraphernalia with her wherever she went.

“I was so concerned that my luggage might get lost and that I wouldn’t be able to see, that I would take glasses, contact lenses, solution etc in my hand luggage as well as my check in bags.”

Ironically, it was Ofra’s optician who recommended exploring Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic.

“His son had had surgery there and was thrilled with the results. I thought: if it is good enough for the son of the man who prescribes my contact lenses – then it would be good enough for me!”

On January 18th, Ofra underwent the laser blended vision procedure.

A more dynamic pose

“I was shocked immediately after the operation when I realised that I could see clearly the hands on Glenn’s watch…before I had never seen the time properly – even with my glasses. It was amazing!”

Post surgery, Ofra decided to take a week off from her yoga teaching and also felt the need to wait a month before practicing any of the strong, inverted poses.

“Having the surgery has literally changed my life. I notice the difference every morning when I can see in my shower and putting on make-up is so easy now.  I also love the fact that I can phone up the clinic any time if I have a query about my sight and someone will help me straight away.

“Together with my yoga – this is the best gift I have every given myself” …  and from Ofra there can be no higher compliment.