8 reasons a high staff to patient ratio makes a difference

laser eye surgery team members at London Vision Clinic

When was the last time someone sat you down and asked you a series of personal questions about your life?

For me, it was yesterday.

Unsatisfied with the care of my GP, I tracked down a medical herbalist near where I live, situated a few miles away along the winding narrow lanes and undulated hills of the Cumbrian countryside.

Arriving at her home-based practice, according to the map and instructions she’d scanned in and sent me (you can’t rely on GPS out here), the practitioner greeted me with a warm grin and a handshake, and I immediately forgot about the condition that brought me here.

In any other setting, it would have felt like an interrogation, but in the quaint apothecary-style annexe at the back of her home, sitting in an old armchair with a cup of herbal tea, answering incredibly personal questions about my health and lifestyle felt as natural as the drive to get there.

At a leisurely pace, we chatted, drank tea, and consulted the literature and her notes regarding which herbs would be most suitable. After around an hour, I left with a preparation of tinctures in a recycled glass medicine bottle, along with buckets of advice for my recovery, and best of all, a new friend.

This sort of care is not too common today, but you can find it – you’ve just got to know where to look.

Searching for it in the market of Laser Eye Surgery providers can be a little tricky, but a great place to start is with independent clinics. One of the things that make independent clinics stand out from the crowd is they usually have a high staff to patio ratio.

But why is a high staff to patio ratio so important? Here are our top ten reasons:

1. It’s not just a procedure; it’s the start of a long-term relationship

When you think of Laser Eye Surgery, you think of lying back in the operating room with a surgeon looming over you. You don’t think of the initial consultation, screening exams, aftercare appointments, and any other additional time spent in the clinic.

Clinics with high staff to patient ratios have dedicated staff, including optometrists, laser eye surgeons, nursing staff, patient care coordinators, clinic coordinators, and admin and management staff, who are expertly trained to take you through each and every step of the journey.

2. A larger team equals greater safety

A larger than normal staff automatically minimises the chances of risk and problems arising. A few extra pair of hands can help take the strain off surgeons and allow them to do their job properly, and a few extra pairs of eyes ensures measurements and data are not only checked but double and even triple checked.

3. Highly personalised and tailored care

A patient survey conducted here at London Vision Clinic has shown that when asked, “What was most important to you when considering a provider?” nearly a quarter of people said the surgeon and staff carrying out the procedure.

This is particularly important in the stages leading up to your procedure when a variety of tests, scans, and exams need to be performed by specialist clinical staff. Due to a lack of resources, many clinics can skimp in this area and underestimate the amazing complexity of the eye and the range of different degrees of eye conditions out there. This inevitably leads to higher chances of complications occurring.

4. Discover your uniquely personal needs

Another reason our patients believe the surgeon and staff to be of great importance is to ensure everything, from finding a place to stay for the night to getting home after the surgery, goes as smoothly as possible.

At London Vision Clinic, that job is taken care of by our team of Patient Care Coordinators. The first person you’ll meet when you come to the clinic, the Patient Care Coordinators gather the unique information surrounding your treatment, such as your priorities, lifestyle, work commitments, and anything else that is relevant to your surgery.

5. Not another high street clinic

Dentists, opticians, GP practices; the majority of them all have the same clinical and impersonal feel.

This is a problem of large chain service providers, whose premises are designed for maximum efficiency rather than maximum comfort and care. And unfortunately, a lot of the time their staff are trained according to the same purpose. Voted one of the best small businesses to work for in Britain, London Vision Clinic is not what you’d expect from a medical clinic. The beaming smiles of the admin staff, the relaxing waiting area, and the immaculately restored interior makes it an all-around great place to be.

6. Specialist and friendly laser eye surgeons

With staff to fit every role, a clinic’s surgeons can stick to what they do best: performing life-changing surgical procedures.

But that’s not all they do. At London Vision Clinic, each of our surgeons was handpicked for their ability to deliver the highest possible standard of care, inside and outside the operating room. Surgeons at well-staffed clinics are not strained for time or pushing to meet quotas, and so they’re able to meet with their patients and have a friendly chat about their procedure.

7. Always on hand when you need them

There’s nothing quite like a nurse with years of experience to make you feel calm and at ease – except maybe a whole team of them.

A nursing team is there to ensure your clinical and emotional well-being, put to bed any concerns you have, and keep an eye on you before, during, and after your surgery. If you have a question which needs an expert medical opinion, they’ll simply get it for you. That is unless you are in the aftercare stage of your surgery, and you have a direct line through to your laser eye surgeon.

8. Patients are confident in the procedure

A well-staffed Laser Eye Surgery clinic is a buzzing hive of activity. Staff perform their jobs day in and day out, interacting with patients, one another, and external companies to keep the whole enterprise churning away. Seeing an award winning practice like London Vision Clinic in operation, can instil confidence in even the most apprehensive of patients. The work that goes on to ensure the quality, safety, and success of each and every patient’s experience, is something that must be seen to be believed.

Ask us a question below to find out more about our surgeons and staff, or if you’d like to book a consultation with us, give us a call us on 020 7224 1005.