Laser Eye Surgery isn’t just for Christmas

Christmas lights in london

‘Tis the season once again. Supermarkets are well into their festive campaign, high streets are ornamented with lights and decorations, and present buyers are likely becoming increasingly stressed with their responsibility.

Bath sets, jumpers, socks… all the usual suspects have been ticked off the list. But what do you get the person who has everything – and I mean “everything” – including perhaps unwanted glasses, contact lenses, and all the associated headaches?

Well, we can confidently say that there is no greater gift than the gift of clear vision. If you are already a London Vision Clinic patient you will be aware of how your improved sight has helped to make the festive season even more merry and bright.

Perhaps it’s been easier to change the bulbs on that tangled mess of Christmas lights, or maybe you’ve read that Christmas eggnog recipe with ease for once, or are better able to appreciate your local Christmas lights. Unhindered vision does help to make all those festive experiences that little bit better. But of course, Laser Eye Surgery is not just for Christmas – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Many people who find themselves hindered by glasses and contact lenses have grown used to the daily inconveniences and annoyances of their visual aids – but that doesn’t mean they are any less irritating. But Laser Eye Surgery could help.

Laser Eye Surgery has become more effective and more accessible than ever before. It can now be used to treat a wider range of prescriptions (even very high prescriptions) and is suitable for a wider percentage of patients. Thanks to advancements in Laser Eye Surgery technology and the development of new and innovative techniques, more people are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery than ever before.

With innovations like ReLEx SMILE, even patients with thinner corneas and other characteristics that might once have made them unsuitable for treatment can now enjoy glasses-free vision. What’s more, the introduction of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision means patients can even wave “goodbye” to reading glasses!

Perhaps the perfect gift for the person who has “everything” is taking away some of the things they don’t need. So, why not consider giving the priceless gift of clear, specs-free vision this Christmas?

If you’d like to learn more about giving the gift of vision this Christmas, or are interested in Laser Eye Surgery for yourself, get in touch or Book a Consultation today. 

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