Life With Contact Lenses:

Image of LVC contact lenses infograph

Life with contact lenses may seem a blessing compared to the frustrations of glasses but, for some people, it can also be tough.  Your lenses may not fog up like glasses, your vision won’t be subjected to a limiting frame, and there are no fragile arms or nose bridges that are at risk of being broken – but contact lenses are far from problem-free.  In fact, they can sometimes be more, not less, frustrating than specs.

At the very least, contact lenses are not suited to all people and are time-consuming to use.  Regularly removing the lenses and keeping them clean, as well as remembering the case and cleansing solution for those nights away from home all take up time and require thought.  The general, day-to-day maintenance of wearing contact lenses is onerous – and there are other problems too.  For example, most, if not all, contact lens wearers have experienced being on their hands and knees, searching for that elusive dropped lens.  When the lens can’t be found, they might be left squinting for the rest of the day!  In fact, loss is one of the biggest complaints that contact lens wearers face – and losing a lens during the day is not the only way that this can occur.  Most people insert their lenses whilst looking into the mirror over the sink – and many have accidentally dropped a lens or two down the drain!

Eye irritation is another key issue faced by contact lens wearers.  Irritation can occur at any time, but it can ruin those wonderful summer months most, as it becomes more intense with high pollen counts and the onset of hay-fever.  Regular irritation and a lack of cleansing can lead to serious and uncomfortable infections too.  Contact lenses, then, are a less than ideal solution for many people who require vision correction.

However, there is another answer.  Laser Eye Surgery is an increasingly popular option when it comes to vision correction.  After a simple, low-risk procedure and a short recovery process, it is possible to enjoy total freedom from glasses and contact lenses. If you are a contact lens wearer, why not contact us for more information, and to discuss your options. If your friends might be interested in this infographic, feel free to share this link.

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Life With Contact Lenses


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