Listen To Your Gut

There is a current TV advert which suggests that we should “listen to our gut”. According to the pro-biotic drink manufacturers, if we following this advice, we will be considerably healthier and happier as our digestion improves.

I would also suggest that if we “listen to our gut” – in the non-literal, following-our-instincts kind of way – we will also enjoy improved mental well-being.

I make no apology for being an intuitive person who has only a small part of one foot – the big toe perhaps – in the analytical-scientific camp. However, following my recent “chance and co-incidence” conversation with the London Vision Clinic‘s research director, Tim Archer, I am reassessing my decision-making technique.

Previously-after the statutory period of sleepless nights and long-winded chats with friends – my route to making decisions ultimately boiled down to following gut instincts. However, nowadays these decisions might be reached following the additional production of a written list of pro and con possible outcomes … in addition, of course, to still heeding the messages coming from my ever-loyal “inner voice” (and that’s without a single mouthful of pro-biotic drink).

It seems that I am far from alone in my technique. Take for instance the decision to undergo Laser Eye Surgery. There’s no doubt that this is a huge and life-changing step for all of us.

Since writing this blog, I have met and spoken to many patients of the London Vision Clinic and, although everyone’s journey to the clinic’s door is an individual one, certain parallels can be drawn. Most of us will have done at least some research into the procedure in general and the London Vision Clinic in particular… then frequently the “Sample of One” theory steps in to the equation.

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