London Vision Clinic Wow Factor: A phrase often heard but a service only rarely received

Previous Clinical Technician at the clinic, Eleanor Cairns authored this article in 2011.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is the only way to be a success in today’s society, even more so in this current climate.  How can we give consumers that “wow factor”? A phrase so often heard, but a service only rarely received.

Personally, I believe it all boils down to not only giving good service, but going beyond what is expected. Over and above, going the extra mile, however you put it; it all means the same thing.  To make an impression you need to aim for excellence.

So, by treating our patients well, what is it we hope to accomplish here at LVC? Jayne Sproson, a Business Consultant in the private healthcare sector, and patient of ours sheds some light:

“I am an extremely demanding patient, both in terms of non-clinical and clinical patient experience…At London Vision Clinic everything is outstanding – the equipment; the customer care; the environment; the staff training, systems and processes; the culture and of course the results. I now use the London Vision Clinic as an example to my clients of what they could achieve.”

Jayne After Laser Eye Surgery At London Vision Clinic

Author of article: Eleanor Cairns – Ex-Clinical Technician at the London Vision Clinic


Jayne now not only has perfect vision but believes herself to have received from us the highest level of care; she has recommended us, cited us at work and even paid for her daughter to have surgery at the clinic. A resounding success if ever there was one. She even goes as far as to call herself “a raving fan of London Vision Clinic and Professor Reinstein.”

For most people to chose to have an elective procedure such as LASIK is a huge decision, one not taken lightly, and to have a recommendation from somebody you know and respect can make all the difference to your final choice of clinic. Happy patients like Jayne are invaluable, it shows us what we are doing well and inevitably leads other patients to us, expecting the same level of treatment. No advertising can make up for a good reputation spread through word of mouth, and it’s all the little touches that together make that positive experience that you go and tell your friends about.