Losing Your Contact Lenses Thanks To Laser Eye Surgery

Contact lenses are one of the top motivating factors that cause people to consider LASIK. Contacts are at times uncomfortable and consistently high maintenance. Anyone who has had to wear contacts can empathize with this. Most people have had one of those late nights where you forget to take them out and wake up to agitated eyes or only to realize that you have rubbed one out in your sleep. The amount of hassle and preparation that are required of contacts is hassle enough to reconsider how you see the world. A trip away from home requires a saline inventory, and an entirely separate plastic bag packed full of your eye care goods. All of that goes without even getting started on the extraordinary annual medical expense and time consuming doctor’s appointments…

Sean’s  85 year old mother talked him into having the surgery. After a year of researching and looking into the process, he decided to make an appointment with London Vision Clinic after multiple references to the clinic in his findings. Sean had been dependent upon glasses and contact lenses for 30 years and he was fed up. Because of his prolonged use of contact lenses he was required to switch to a softer kind of contact lens for three months before the procedure in order to reshape his eye. The day of his procedure he had a wonderful experience with a massage to relax him.  He celebrated his new eyes with a night out with his friends at the Piccadilly Circus. The surgery changed his life and since the procedure, he no longer needs contacts or glasses. No more fuss. No more excessive medical bills.

Lynne  preferred to wear contact lenses but needed to make a shift to glasses in her older age. Contacts has begun to make her eyes ache to more that she wore them. When she found out that she was a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery, she was ecstatic. The results were amazing and her experience was perfectly professional and impressively caring.

If you are one of the many people fed up and tired of contact lenses, then you should consider coming in for a consultation and seeing if you too can lose the contacts for good!