Night Vision – No Problem

As a school boy, Glenn Carp, knew what he wanted to do. Of course he would study medicine and become a doctor when he grew up… but a doctor of what? 

Glenn’s mother had an idea … he should watch a specialist doctor in action and see whether the work appealed to her son. Fortunately things were a little less regulated in those days in South Africa andGlenn was allowed to watch a cataract operation in progress.

“I quickly became fascinated by the workings of the eye and how it could be repaired with a comparatively simple procedure”, he recalls.

Perhaps the young Glenn also foresaw that because various eye conditions, such as cataracts, have the potential to affect everybody – if they live long enough – that this would be an especially far reaching, dynamic and fast-evolving field of medicine in which to work. Eye treatments have come a long way in the last thirty years (when Laser Eye Surgery began), ten years and even more radical improvements have been made recently.

He also explains that the thrill of the “wow factor” never diminishes.

“In a way it is similar to performing cataract surgery. Despite the fact that that Laser Eye Surgery is more precise -hence the even bigger wow afterwards –  a patient comes in with blurry vision and instantly – after the surgery – they can see clearly again.

“The patients tell me (and I agree), I have the best job in the world. It is especially exciting seeing their joy at being able to see properly at the appointment on day after the operation.

“Since Laser Eye Surgery began some thirty years ago, changes and improvements in techniques – fuelled by global demand – have been especially impressive”. Glenn went on to explain that some of these discoveries had been as a direct result of “The Prof’s”  own research. (Glenn refers to Dr Dan as “The Prof”)

“Now, not only can various eye sight conditions be corrected avoiding the problems of the early days; but we can also repair those difficulties – such as disturbing halos, star bursts and other problems with night vision.”

So now we know… there is no longer any need to put up with these night time annoyances. If you have been finding night driving especially awkward and unpleasant and have become the reluctant “designated driver” (due to eye strain and not the lack of a drink);  it would be worthwhile to contact the London Vision Clinic and see what they can do for you.