Normal Symptoms You May Experience After LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Going in for any type of procedure can be daunting. Especially one that involves your eyes.

Because our eyes are so precious, it’s even common to feel a little anxious after the surgery as well, even if it went great and the outcome is beyond belief (as is the case for the vast majority of people).

The fact is worry isn’t something that is easily quelled or prevented due to facts and logic. We worry if we’re going to in the 0.0001 percent of cases where something drastic happens. We worry whether  the recovery is going exactly as it should be. And we worry that it might all be a dream or be somehow taken away from us in an instant.

Of course, worry is not all irrational. Some is not only justified but beneficial to make sure you stay on our toes and do the research and preparation that’s necessary.

Laser Eye Surgery is a significant decision that’s not to be taken lightly. However, it’s one of the safest and most commonly performed procedures in the world, so if there’s something on your mind, it’s likely nothing to be overly worried or concerned about.

If you do have questions or concerns about your recovery, contact the clinic where you were treated, as no online information can be a substitute for a conversation with a medical professional. However, to give you an idea of what you can expect, here are some symptoms that people commonly experience immediately after LASIK Laser Eye Surgery.

Light sensitivity

Immediately after LASIK Laser Eye Surgery, it is normal to have some temporary sensitivity to light. At London Vision Clinic, we recommend that patients wear sunglasses when outside on the day of surgery. Normally, any light sensitivity settles down within 12 – 24 hours.

Irritation and/or dry eyes

It’s normal to have some mild discomfort, irritation, or watering eyes on the day of your laser eye treatment.

To help manage this, it’s important to use your eye drops as instructed by the clinic where you were treated. This will not only make you feel more comfortable, but also helps your eyes to heal more quickly.

Some of these symptoms may continue after the day of your treatment, but in most cases they’re incredibly mild and manageable. Typically patients can expect to experience dry eyes for a bit longer, something that can be improved by avoiding certain activities and using the drops regularly.

Blurred vision and fluctuations

Because the cornea swells slightly after LASIK, you may see a pale mist across your vision – some patients say it’s like looking through a clear shower curtain.

Rather than going around thinking you’re in the shower all the time, this should clear as the swelling subsides over about the next 48 hours after surgery. Some patients also have some blurring and visual fluctuations after surgery – this is normal too as your eyes settle down.

If these symptoms are still worrying you, or if you feel they are getting worse rather than better, the clinic where you were treated should be happy to assist and most likely put your mind at ease.

Pain and soreness

During LASIK, anaesthetic drops are used to numb the eyes. Sometimes, the effect of the anaesthetic wearing off means that the eyes start to feel a bit uncomfortable a few hours after surgery.

The whole procedure is pain-free and you probably won’t even feel a thing. And in the recovery stages, you shouldn’t experience anything more than a bit of discomfort that is a bit like you’ve been reading for too long and need a rest. Significant pain is extremely rare, and yet if you experience it your expert surgeon is the best person to help.

With any of these symptoms, you are the best judge of what you are feeling. If something — however small — is concerning you, you should contact your clinic for advice. Your vision is far too precious to risk, and although the chances are everything is A-okay, we would always rather our patients call us than worry.