What Should I Do If I Feel Pain Or Soreness After Laser Eye Surgery?

After the treatment, most patients will experience a little bit of discomfort for the first two to three hours. Patients usually experience a small gritty sensation rather like the feeling of having an eyelash in the eye or alternatively the common sensation whilst chopping onions. The eyes may become more watery than normal, or sting. However, the sensation is usually very mild. All patients are given Voltarol drops, which will take the edge of these symptoms. However, in most cases it will settle very, very quickly, within the first hour or two.

It is uncommon to feel pain or soreness after LASIK surgery, but patients more commonly experience discomfort after PRK or LASEK surgery. Patients must ensure they follow all of the post-operative instructions, and if problems persist, patients are encouraged to contact the clinic and speak to one of our clinical staff.

Mr Glenn Carp explains what to expect in terms of pain or soreness after the Laser Eye Surgery. Click to see the video.

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