Answers To Common Questions About Laser Eye Surgery

We know that preparing for Laser Eye Surgery can be an anxious time and that you might have many questions before your Laser Eye Surgery. At the London Vision Clinic you will be guided through the entire process of your procedure by one of our Patient Care Coordinators or PCCs. The PCCs go through a comprehensive training programme to make sure that they can answer the questions most commonly asked by our patients accurately – and many of the less common ones too.

We have answered some of the questions that are frequently asked by people who are interested in laser eye treatment at the London Vision Clinic in the videos below.

Is London Vision Clinic Accessible To Persons With Disabilities?

For those who have a disability, London Vision Clinic has facilities. If you are in a wheelchair please contact us so that we can make arrangements prior to your visit.

We discuss London Vision Clinic’s facilities for people with a disability in this video.

How Do I Pay If I Do Not Reside In The UK?

If you are not a UK citizen/resident, you can pay by cash, card (we accept all major credit cards) and debit cards.

We address how patients who do not live in the UK can pay at the London Vision Clinic.

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“The fact that I do not require to wear spectacles is fantastic. I was always cleaning them and ensuring they were in the right places”.  George

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