Getting to Sleep After Laser Eye Surgery

In recent years, Laser Eye Surgery has grown to become one of the most popular elective procedures in the world – and with good reason. Today, most patients can expect excellent results and a speedy recovery that could even see them returning to work just 24 hours after their treatment. But while you may be resuming normal activities sooner than you think, it is easy to forget about how Laser Eye Surgery could affect your sleep during recovery.

In this article, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about getting to sleep after Laser Eye Surgery, from eye shields to discomfort. So, let’s make a start!

How would Laser Eye Surgery affect my sleep?

Surprisingly, some people may find that Laser Eye Surgery is affecting their sleep before they even enter the operating room. With nerves often so high in the run-up to surgery day, it is not unusual to experience a few disturbed nights; however, we believe that being as informed as possible is the most effective way to put these nerves to bed (pardon the pun!).

But what we really want to discuss in this article is the physical effects that Laser Eye Surgery recovery may hold. For example, could pain and discomfort keep you from getting the rest you need on the night of your surgery?

Will pain and discomfort lead to a restless night?

While every patient is different (and so will be their recovery), we’re happy to say that pain is not a regular side effect of the procedure – either during or afterwards. While it is normal to experience some discomfort and scratchiness (some patients compare the feeling to having something in their eye), this is usually managed by painkillers and lubricating eye drops – both of which should be provided by your clinic on the day of your surgery.

The fact is, it is not the discomfort in your eyes themselves that is most likely to lead to a restless night; but the protective eye shield you will need to wear might contribute.

The pain of the Laser Eye Surgery eye shield

After Laser Eye Surgery, your eye will be more sensitive than usual. Particularly in the days immediately following your procedure, it is extremely important to protect your eyes as much as possible. During your appointments at the clinic, you will be advised on ways to avoid irritating your eyes, such as rubbing your eyes, taking baths instead of showers, and wearing a protective shield in bed.

All of these precautions help to promote healthy healing and prevent infection, ensuring that your recovery from Laser Eye Surgery goes as smoothly as possible. Your eye shield will protect you from any half-conscious eye-rubbing that might occur during your sleep hours, as well as from any dust and debris that could contribute to infection.

While this might sound a little uncomfortable, the good news is that you won’t have to wear your eye shield for too long. Generally, you should be able to ditch the shield in no longer than a week so you can once again enjoy your beauty sleep undisturbed – and wake up to clear vision!

If you have any further questions about recovery from Laser Eye Surgery, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators. To find out if you could be suitable for treatment, Book a Consultation today.