Post-Operative Care

Over the last six months we have conducted a survey of people calling London Vision Clinic. It turns out that post-operative care is one of the six most important factors that people consider when selecting a clinic! And why shouldn’t it be?

No one wants to feel like they are just being rushed down a conveyor belt in order to make space for the next patient in need of repair! Our relationship does not end after your surgery. In fact, you could say that the day of your surgery marks the beginning of a very long “professional friendship”. Our surgeons have a reputation amongst our past patients for going above and beyond the call of duty. They have been known to make unprompted phone calls to family members to update them on the success of the surgery, to provide their personal cell phone number incase patients experience any concern during the short-term following the procedure, and they have even been known to text patients the evening of their operation to make sure that they are comfortable! If this sounds like the level of personal, professional post-operative care that you are hoping for, but you were concerned that it was an unrealistic ideal, fear not! Your expectations are not unreasonably high or unattainable, you just had to keep searching to find the right clinic for you…Well, until now that is…

Marie was thrilled with her level of care and communication from the start. Her patient care coordinator kept her in the loop by answering all questions promptly. Everyone from the technicians and the optometrists to the front desk staff were pleasant to interact with. After her surgery, she was given abundant post-operative care advice with accompanying notes, and several weeks’ supply of all of the necessary eye drops. Sure enough, Marie even got a follow up text from her surgeon, Mr Glenn Carp just checking in to make sure that everything was okay, and asking her to call if she had any concerns. The next day she had yet another follow-up appointment just to make sure that everything was healing properly. Her follow-up appointments with London Vision Clinic and her interactions continue to be positive. Marie called her operation life changing, and says that she has nothing but praise for the London Vision Clinic team.

We want our patients to enjoy a long-standing relationship with our clinic. We understand that you are not just paying customers, but people with special needs and specific concerns. Our treatment is based on the individual, and we want you to walk away happy with your experience-from your first steps into the waiting room to years down the road when you are looking out your kitchen window sans spectacles.