Am I Spending Too Much Money For Laser Eye Surgery?

A glass bowl filled with money

The cost of Laser Eye Surgery is listed as one of top reasons why many individuals do not end up going through with the procedure. When you look at the total cost of surgery, it can (to some) seem overwhelming, and to many even impossible.

At London Vision Clinic, we urge that you try not to look at the number as one giant balance that needs to be paid off immediately, or all at once. We are keen to work with you and set up a payment plan that can make the surgery as affordable as possible. Talk to us, let us know your situation, and we will be happy to discuss our interest-free financing plan.

It is also important to consider everything that is included in your package with us. Our fees include your initial consultation, your suitability assessments, your surgery, eye drops and aftercare for 1 year after treatment. The number we quote you is all-inclusive*, and you need not anticipate any nasty surprises or last-minute add-ons.

Lastly, it is worth considering the long-term gains from taking the decision to go ahead with surgery. Consider how much you pay annually for ophthalmological services, including the expense of glasses, prescription sunglasses, contacts and contact lense solution. Surgery can eliminate your need for visual aids completely, and therefore significantly improve your quality of life. Many of our patients agree with us when we say that you are unable to put a price tag on your eyesight.

If you are one of the many people who struggle with the daily challenges and hassles of visual impairment, then we encourage you to come and talk to us. If money isn’t your only concern, please feel free to book in for a non-obligatory initial consultation, or check out our blog, where you can follow along as we address many other Laser Eye Surgery concerns and fears.

(* With highly unusual exceptions – for example, where, very occasionally, we might have to send a patient to another clinic for a glaucoma or retinal exam. If you are at all concerned about this possibility, please speak to us.)