Does Laser Eye Surgery Technology Correlate With Laser Eye Surgery Costs?

The array of testing equipment that helps our specialists carry out the necessary scans to evaluate your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery.

You can usually expect higher Laser Eye Surgery costs with newer laser technology options. Unfortunately, there are no studies we can find that uncover the answer to the question: “Does Laser Eye Surgery technology correlate with Laser Eye Surgery costs?”

The latest technology in Laser Eye Surgery is incredibly advanced these days, it has definitely gone far beyond anything we could have expected it to only a few years ago.

The latest equipment in laser eye surgery utilizes very sophisticated technology to correct vision and is the direct result of literally hundreds of thousands of people who have undergone the surgery in the past few years providing the funds so as to investigate and improve the technology and procedures we now benefit from today.

What some people don’t realize is that the actual laser technology involved in the surgical procedure was introduced as far back as the 1950s by an ophthalmologist called Jose Barraquer, who was the developer of the first microkeratome, which was utilized to cut thin laps in the cornea and marks the beginning of the laser eye surgery revolution.

Over time as you can imagine more and more important developments and discoveries were bit by bit added on to this existing laser technology, and so soon Laser Eye Surgery technology became more and more advanced, considerably sped up with the age of computers. Today the latest technology in Laser Eye Surgery is just another step in the long evolutionary process of the Laser Eye Surgery revolution.

We’ve written a three-part series about Laser Eye Surgery history if you’re interested in this subject.

At London Vision Clinic, Professor Dan Reinstein has played a significant role in the pioneering development of the MEL 80 laser – the world’s most accurate laser (according to United States FDA tests) and the Artemis Insight 100 scanner – the world’s most accurate corneal scanner.

Most providers ideally will provide a single and simple pricing that incorporates the use of various technologies.

Laser Eye Surgery Costs Usually Go Towards:

  • Purchase and maintenance of laser and diagnostic devices
  • Royalty fees and the cost of development of the machines
  • Facility fees and equipment costs such as gowns, masks, gloves and other items for keeping the operation sterile
  • On-going research and further development of laser technologies
  • Employing qualified staff to work with patients on an administrative level, perform examinations both pre- and post-operatively, perform diagnostic scans, and surgery

At London Vision Clinic, we have our own laser treatment research team, who analyse results for ways to refine our laser vision correction techniques for even better results.

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