How Can Some Laser Eye Surgery Clinics Afford To Offer Laser Eye Surgery So Cheaply?

You get what you pay for.

You can find Laser Eye Surgery advertised for as little as £395/eye. But clearly, what you’re getting is what you are paying for.

One can have a very high volume practice and make some savings on the costs of certain elements in the procedure, but those differences are very small compared to the cost of doing this properly.

A range of Laser Eye Surgery costs might be from approximately £800 for both eyes to be treated all the way up to £6000 plus to have both eyes treated.

There Are Various Ways To Do Less For A Patient:

  • less preoperative testing
  • spend less time with the patient
  • less in terms of the technology you’re using
  • have less qualified people doing it
  • less follow up care
  • less inclusions; like the necessary medications, eye drops, supplies and enhancements in the unlikely event you need a top-up procedure

Doing less for the patient enables a Laser Eye Surgery to make it cheaper, until you can make it extremely cheap.

Then, it becomes a question of “what parts of the safety protocol are you willing to cut at the expense of saving a few thousand pounds?”

The procedure should cost several thousand pounds, if it’s done properly.

The Laser Eye Surgery industry is a minefield at some level. There are a lot of different levels of patient care and patients will be subjected to a multiple of differences when it comes to different pricing structures in comparison to what we have here at the London Vision Clinic.

Our Approach To Setting Laser Eye Surgery Fees

Essentially, what we’ve tried to do at the London Vision Clinic is to offer patients a full package. There’s one price that fits all. We’re not here to up sell and we’re not here to offer patients a little bit extra in terms of their results if they a pay a little bit extra.

The idea is: “What every the patient needs, we will provide for that patient. We also follow up all of our patients for a minimum of one year, and that includes all their post-operative consultations, medications, etc. So again, this is all encompassed by the costing structure that we provide for the patient at the London Vision Clinic.

Factors That Create Confusion In Laser Eye Surgery Costs

Adding to the confusion surrounding Laser Eye Surgery pricing, many clinics engage in per eye pricing, using the word “from” in advertising, stratified pricing for various options, monthly payments, and excluding various necessary extras from the treatment price. Learn more about Laser Eye Surgery pricing, and the factors that create confusion for patients.

Even higher prices than the average can be made more affordable with financing.  Contact us to learn more about these options.

Contact a Patient Care Coordinator at 0207 224 1005 to discuss what results you can expect to achieve.