Where do you keep your reading glasses?

At around a million times faster than NASA’s 1960’s computer, a smartphone is an incredibly sophisticated piece of tech. With it, you can do things like pay for groceries, translate text, and stay in touch with your loved ones. Without it, well, we would barely achieve anything.

And as such an indispensable part of our life that brings us endless pleasure (thank you Candy Crush), we have no trouble carting it around with us everywhere we go.

Reading glasses, on the other hand, do one thing: improve our near vision. And they don’t even do that well. What’s more, they’re flimsy, scratch-prone, easily broken, and — unlike the latest Samsung or iPhone — definitely don’t make us look cool. So when it comes to finding a safe and handy place to keep them, we’re not really going to bend over backwards to find one.

This is a big problem as often we can’t even remember where we put our most prized possessions, so how does anyone expect us to remember where we left our battered pair of Aldi readers? It’s not as if you can put them in one place and leave them there. First you need them to get ready so you put them on the bedside table. But soon enough you move to the bathroom, kitchen, living room…  and what about when you leave the house?

Ideally, you’d have an assistant that follows you everywhere with a satin pillow and a glasses cloth. Whenever you need your specs, they’d be there right by your side. And when you’re done, no problem — just pop them down and miniature Jeeves would take them away.

“Just choose a spot and always keep them there!!” — every non-glasses wearer ever

A solution to the problem, but one that’s not really feasible — for starters it would be pretty costly, but having someone follow you around like that would likely raise too many eyebrows. So the next best option is to pop them in your handbag. But let’s be honest, who wants to empty out lipstick and loose change and God knows what else onto the table everytime they need to read a menu?

Another option is to hang them from the close of your shirt. This can work well, but only for a little while. Not only is it bad for the hinges and means one side will be more likely to break than the other, but they’re in the perfect position to be banged, scratched, spilt on, and to fall off whenever you bend over.

You’ve then got the obvious tactic of popping them in your shirt or trouser pocket. But these come with many the same problems as the above, plus the added exposure to damage if you happen to be someone who moves their body in even the slightest way. That leaves us with the good old lanyard: a classic piece that’ll make you look like a 70s librarian no matter who you are.

There are a few other options that are not worth mentioning — places like the tip of your nose or top of your head (your face is not a place to store things). The sad reality is there’s simply no one suitable and convenient place to keep reading glasses. And if you look a little closer, it’s clear to see the problem is not with a lack of imagination or ingenuity, but the actual glasses themselves.

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