The Top 5 Coffee Stops Near Us

You would be forgiven for thinking that tea is Britain’s favourite drink. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice comforting cuppa? More than this, we Brits have been made famous for our tea industry and appetite for centuries. And yet, it seems that the majority of us today actually prefer coffee.

In fact, in recent years, we have been drinking a whopping 2 billion cups of the stuff – compared to a measly 850 million cups of tea.

This is hardly surprising, considering how many of us physically can’t begin our day without a hot cup o’ joe. And then, you have probably noticed the insane number of coffee shops popping up on every high street across the country.

On that note, we count ourselves (and our patients) extremely lucky here at London Vision Clinic. Our Harley Street clinic is within a ten to fifteen-minute walk of a wealth of cafés – all with their own unique atmosphere, offerings, and, crucially, great-tasting coffee.

For all of you who prefer a good cuppa’, don’t worry, they also offer some wonderful tea too.

1. Kaffeine

In under a 15-minute walk from our clinic sits a fun and charming little Aussie-style coffee shop. This independently run, Aussie and Kiwi-owned café is inspired by the extensive coffee culture down under.

The folks down at Kaffeine have been serving up tasty coffee in Fitzrovia since 2009 – and we’re so glad they do. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a hot drink and a snack (they even serve up the classic Australian spread, Veggiemite – fancy it?). So, if you’re looking for a little respite from the hustle and bustle outside, there couldn’t be a better place for it.

If Veggiemite isn’t for you, fear not! Kaffeine also serves up tasty cakes and treats. You can even get a bag of their own-branded coffee beans, jam, or biscuits to take away with you. What’s not to love?

2. Istanbul Café & Bistro

One of the closest (and most-loved) of the cafés on this list is not just a café at all. Istanbul Café & Bistro is one of the best-kept secrets for Turkish cuisine in London’s West End quarter.

Pass by at any time of the day – but particularly at lunchtime – and you will see this cosy and authentic bistro packed with locals, many of whom are Turkish. People flock to Istanbul because of its delicious homemade Mediterranean dishes, from kebabs and burgers to salads and baklava. But it is equally as suitable if you’re on the lookout for a smooth, Turkish coffee.

It’s also just a stone’s throw away from Great Portland Street tube and Regent’s Park, making it the perfect rest stop for a pre or post-lunch ramble.

3. The Monocle Café

The Monocle Café on Chiltern Street has become a trendy spot for the coffee (as well as tea and cocktail) lovers of Marylebone. And just a 10-minute walk from London Vision Clinic – it is also a convenient coffee stop for our patients.

In addition to serving up great coffee, The Monocle Café also dishes up tasty cakes and pastries and mouth-watering lunches – all of which can be taken away or enjoyed within the hip interior of this stylish café.

4. Harris & Hoole

Next up is an establishment that lives and breathes excellent coffee. Harris & Hoole, located on the corner of New Cavendish St and Hanson St is a cosy and rustic café that strives to serve up the best coffee in the West End. With their own London Roastery, Harris & Hoole are renowned for their delicious and unique blends of speciality coffee.

Just a 10-minute walk from London Vision Clinic, this is a must-try if you are on the lookout for a caffeine hit. But they aren’t only known for their coffee!

Harris & Hoole also offers mouth-watering cakes and both savoury and sweet pastries. All in all, it is the ideal spot for a light lunch or afternoon snack.

5. Café Rio

As the name suggests, Café Rio brings a taste of Brazil’s bustling main city to London. The residents and workers of the sophisticated and sociable Fitzrovia neighbourhood are lucky to call this bright and fun establishment a local. And just a 10-minute walk from our Marleybone-based clinic – so are we!

This Portuguese-run café has become famous in the area thanks to its generous and delicious portions of meat and fresh vegetables. Sitting on the corner of Grafton Way, it also gets great light and has a lovely arrangement of plants on the patio. Perfect for enjoying one of their coffees of cheap cocktails (as long as your surgeon permits it!)

The traditional feijoada stew, made with black beans and pork or beef is to die for. Their freshly squeezed berry juices are also a must-try. What are you waiting for!