You Don’t Have To Be A Celebrity To Get Laser Eye Surgery On Harley Street

Harley Street may be known to be a hotspot for celebrities seeking medical advice but the London Vision Clinic welcomes everyone that is suitable for Laser Eye Surgery with the aim of restoring all vision to 20:20.  From the minute you enter the door on Harley Street to the aftercare provided after Laser Eye Surgery, the staff and professionals at London Vision Clinic provide world-class service to all of their patients.  Many celebrities and patients have expressed their brilliant experience with London Vision Clinic and have praised them for their world class service.

Luxury Laser Eye Surgery

LVC pic 2Worried about having Laser Eye Surgery?  No problem! Laser Eye Surgery at 138 Harley Street satisfies those worries from the minute you walk in to when you have perfect vision. London Vision Clinic does everything in its power to help you feel relaxed including being offered chocolate, which has been proven to reduce nerves! Patients are also offered a massage by a fully trained massage therapist to reduce tension before surgery. The care provided on 138 Harley Street resembles that of a five star hotel or a Michelin star restaurant.  It blends the extremely high quality service of both the clinic and the surgeons to create a perfect medical environment.  Numerous patient reviews have focussed on the service of the staff and doctors on Harley Street which have been reported below:

We have been told time and time again, that customer service remains a top priority for patients who would like Laser Eye Surgery.  Therefore, we strive to make patients feel as welcome as possible, the moment they walk through our door at 138 Harley Street.

Phillip Schofield has shared his reaction by saying, “I can see! That that’s really amazing… my god, what have you done?…Now that’s amazing!”

Judy describes her experience by saying, “I can honestly say with my hand on heart that each member of staff at the London Vision Clinic went out of their way to make my experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.”

Ian explains, “The service and treatment I received was first class and I do not have one criticism of them. I now have 20:20 vision. I am 62 years of age and my experience and interaction with LVC is one of the best of my life. Thank you LVC.”