What Will Happen Directly After Having Laser Eye Surgery At London Vision Clinic?

We are confident that nobody offers the same degree of aftercare as you will receive at the London Vision Clinic. We will help ensure a successful and safe recovery after Laser Eye Surgery with comprehensive, detailed aftercare. You will be given medicated eye drops to protect your eyes against infection and night-time shields to wear for the first seven nights to prevent you from rubbing your eyes in your sleep.

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“Directly after having Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic, on the day of surgery your surgeon will advise you to go home, keep your eyes closed as much as possible, try not to go to sleep and to continue to put drops into your eyes as required. The nurses will give you a timetable which you need to adhere to ensure all your drops have been put in at the right intervals. You will not feel any pain but may feel that your eyes are a little irritated and possibly a little bit stingy.”

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“Laser eye treatment for me was one of he best things I have done, I am no longer juggling two pairs of glasses and forever remembering where I have left them! Close up vision was instant, but distance took a little longer”. Zhuoyao

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