When Can I Get Back To Work After Laser Eye Surgery?

Generally, when we carry out surgery we initially advise people to keep their eyes shut. If patients open their eyes, it won’t cause a major issue, but we do advise patients to keep their eyes shut for at least a few hours. We also advise patients to rest for a full day after surgery and return to work the following day.

LASIK patients can plan to return to work 24 hours after surgery, but you should keep your eyes well lubricated with artificial tears (staring at computer screens can dry your eyes). This does not affect the outcome, but can cause temporary visual fluctuations. LASEK patients should plan to return to work after 7 days.

Professor Reinstein advices how quickly patients of Laser Eye Surgery can go back to work.

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I was happy wearing contact lenses for many years until I started experiencing problems, including 3 ulcers. Laser treatment has been wonderful and I am sure once I experience holidays etc. lenses free I will be even more delighted. Still can’t get over my bed time routine when I keep feeling I should be removing my lenses because I can see so wonderfully!– Hayley Butcher

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When Can I Get Back To Work After Laser Eye Surgery? [video]

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