How Does Aftercare Differ With LASIK And PRK / LASEK?

Mr Glenn Carp – “The main difference between LASIK and PRK or LASEK is in the healing time.  The refractive results are the same at about three months, may be even earlier by a week or two but in general terms it is the early phase where the big difference comes into play.  In LASIK the visual results are there within three hours.  The cornea is healed very, very quickly.  Whereas in PRK, there is an initial big improvement in vision followed by a slight deterioration and then again a much bigger improvement and that is because the surface layer needs to re-grow over the surface of the eye and that process takes 7 to 14 days whereas in LASIK it is just the edges of the flap that need to seal and hence the vision is restored almost immediately.”

Aftercare Explained Further…

Postoperative instructions differ between LASIK and PRK / LASEK. This includes the eye drops we instruct you to instil, the frequency of aftercare appointments in the first week following surgery, and the types of activities to be avoided in the first month after surgery.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about the differences in aftercare between LASIK and PRK / LASEK.

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Great attention, support and aftercare. After 7 weeks following PRK, blended vision procedure, vision is variable. Reading is very good – middle distance is not quite there yet – although some glimpses of how it is likely to be. No pain involved in procedure and only minor discomfort on days.– Jane Ward

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