What Will My Vision Be Like Immediately After The Eye Surgery?

The patient’s experience is essentially lots of flashing lights, a little kind of strange sensation of pushing and pulling.  There is no pain whatsoever with modern LASIK.  It is just an odd sensation and as a surgeon, I talk constantly and I am telling the patient all the time what they need to know.  I do now know what they do not need to know but there is a process of interaction between myself and the patient, so that effectively they are getting a narration knowing what is coming next and within a few minutes, it is done. Of course if the procedure routine which it is 99% of the time, it is healed in three hours.

Visual Outcomes Explained Further…

Vision improvement is virtually instantaneous (the so-called “wow effect”) after LASIK. Many patients say it is like looking through a clear shower curtain. With PRK or LASEK, the visual improvements are more gradual, sometimes taking up to a week to stabilise.

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“It’s a cliche but this really has changed my life! My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner! There was no pain during the procedure or after and my eyesight now is better than when I wore contact lenses! It’s amazing to wake up in the morning and be able to see without trying to find my glasses!” -Fiona Davis.

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What Will My Vision Be Like Immediately After The Eye Surgery? [video]