Am I At Risk Of Developing Dry Eyes After Laser Eye Surgery?

As we have discussed in our previous blogs, and form of surgery comes with some sort of risk, however small. However, statistically, it is important to note that only a tiny percentage of people develop complications after Laser Eye Surgery.

Man rubbing his eyes

One of the more commonly discussed risks is the possibility of developing dry eyes after the Laser Eye Surgery procedure. This is because dry eye can be unpleasant. Chronic dry eye is caused by damage to the nerves that stimulate tears and, in severe cases, it can be painful, and require medical attention and treatment. However, this is not the kind of dry eye that most people are talking about, when they describe their experience of Laser Eye Surgery in expert hands: in the vast majority of cases, post-surgery dry eye will cause minimal discomfort (which can be relieved with the lubricating drops in your medication pack) and will fade with time.

If you opt for a  Laser Eye Surgery consultation at London Vision Clinic, one of the first things that will be assessed is your risk of developing dry eye. If there is reason to believe that you already have dry eyes, or are at a heightened risk for developing them, one of our expert optometrists will go through your options in detail.

What If I’m Told I Will Develop Dry Eyes After The Laser Eye Surgery Procedure?

In cases where we have reason to believe that a patient is at a heightened risk for chronic dry eyes or any other side effect that may cause discomfort, we may – rarely – advise that patient that laser eye surgery is not the best option for them. However, as technology and surgical expertise advances, there are several things that can be done – both pre- and post-surgery, to combat and minimise the risk of dry eye. Our pioneering ReLEx procedure, for example, is a totally flap-less form of surgery, which is particularly suitable for patients whose eyes are naturally drier.

The most important thing to remember is that the idea of having surgery on your eyes is something that many people find frightening, and it is natural to over-estimate the risks. We might well be able to set your mind at ease, so it’s always worth contacting us for a consultation – and, in the unlikely event that surgery isn’t a good option for you, we’ll be the first to say so.

If you are one of the many people who is concerned about aspects of Laser Eye Surgery, but dry eyes is not your number one fear, please feel free to follow our blog where we post personalised responses to other common questions. Or, you can contact us directly to set up a no obligation consultation with one of our top medical professionals.