Dry Eyes And Laser Eye Surgery

Dry eye is a common and perfectly normal symptom for patients recovering from Laser Eye Surgery. In most cases, it’s temporary. Sufficient tear ducts are a factor in determining a patient’s eligibility for the procedure, and if there is any reason to doubt that the patient would suffer from this symptom permanently, your surgeon will discuss this risk with you.

image of dry eyes

Below are some of the stories of three very different cases:

Marilyn suffered from dry eyes long before she came in for her consultation. She had her surgery over 8 years ago, and her dry eyes continued after the procedure. The aftercare, she recalled, was exceptional. Over the years she indicated that we have helped her with continuing treatment and taught her different ways to alleviate her dry eyes.

For Judy it was a trade up – she suffered from dry eyes post-procedure but she is thrilled with the results regardless. She no longer has to worry about her glasses and she enjoys being able to just buy a pair of sunglasses off of the shelf. Overall, her experience was a positive one, right through to the aftercare visits.

Pamela called the experience a positive one from start to finish. Following the procedure, she did suffer from dry eyes for a short amount of time but indicated that she was given drops which helped immensely. Being a patient at London Vision Clinic was like being welcomed into a new family. She felt completely at ease. She was listened to and tended to and cared for. Today she has 20-20 vision, and couldn’t be happier.

Dry eyes is a common and realistic concern, but the fear of it doesn’t need to deter you from improving your vision. Come in for a visit and we would be happy to talk to you and assess your suitability.