Can I fly after laser surgery?

As a nation, we’re utterly obsessed with jumping on planes and spending our hard earned time as far away as possible.

We put ourselves through the mind-numbing process of packing, endure endless delays, and cram ourselves into seats unsuitable for anyone bigger than a five-year-old. Even if it’s just for a few nights away.

But none of this matters — it’s always worth it. And we’re just as quick to do it all over again.

After having Laser Eye Surgery, there’s’ no better way to celebrate and test your new improved vision by taking a trip to a foreign land. Not only can you see your destination in all its magnificent glory (we recommend Alpbach in Austria), but you’ll also be able to fully appreciate the incredible views as you blast towards it 30,000 feet in the air.

But don’t go booking those tickets just yet. Even though Laser Eye Surgery can be performed in a matter of minutes, it’s still a surgical procedure. Therefore, it does still come with restrictions and guidelines to follow in the period following the treatment.

Luckily, compared to the vast majority of surgeries, these restrictions are very few and minor. Providing you follow them and take proper care of your eyes during your recovery, you’ll be back enjoying your normal routine and flying before you know it.

Getting on a plane after Laser Eye Surgery

Flying is very safe after Laser Eye Surgery. In fact, you’ll be able to fly in as little as one day or 24 hours after the procedure.

As the air in the cabin can be dry and your eyes may be a little sensitive, all we recommend is to keep your eye drops handy and use as many as you need to keep them moist and comfortable.

It’s also important that if you’re planning to be away a while, you should make yourself aware of the general recovery guidelines. For instance, in the first few weeks you need to take extra care not to let anything touch your eye, will be unable to engage in contact or water sports, and may have several aftercare appointments to attend at the clinic.

We also advise patients to take it easy by suggesting a day’s rest following the treatment. If you can incorporate this into your travel plans, great, but if you expect the flight to be a stressful experience, you may want to consider putting your plans off for an extra day or two.

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