Can I Wear false Eyelashes After Laser Eye Surgery?

Yes, you can wear false eye lashes after Laser Eye Surgery, but ask that you wait one week after Laser Eye Surgery to ensure sufficient healing time.

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We also advise you to avoid certain cosmetics that are applied in or around the eye such as eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara up to one week after surgery. Other makeup like lipstick that is not applied in or around the eyes can be used safely one or two days after Laser Eye Surgery. It is very important that your eyes are always kept well lubricated with the medicated drops that are provided by us.

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“It was a much easier process than I expected. Very thorough checks before and after surgery. To get up in the morning and not have to put on glasses, liberating. Can do make up on both eyes now. Why did I wait so long”.   Michael

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